Please view the different videos from various artists at People's Choice!  The videos range in many different topics.  Some may give you an overview of the different items they sell, some may answer popular questions, and others may show you just how they create their beautiful art!!

Due to the pandemic and art festivals being cancelled, I've created this virtual art show to give you a glimpse of what I have and how they look framed. A substitute for the in-person venues. If interested in purchasing, please visit my website ( and use the Contact Artist page, or visit me on facebook ( "Bobcat Eyes" was created using a photo reference of John Wasserman. Thank you for looking.

In this Virtual show, Carole Kyle shows us the collection of her different handbags. If you would like to shop Carole Kyle products please click HERE!

In this Virtual show from the 2019 People's Choice Fest, Laurie Leonard shows us the collection of her different Jewelry. If you would like to shop Laurie Leonard products please click HERE!  Make sure to use her coupon code: Peopleschoice for a 20% discount on website orders!!

This is a collage of some of my most popular designs along with some new products for this year. Please visit my website at for more details.  New designs are listed on the What's New page at

Start me up by clicking on this video showing how I work from your photographs of your pet and the process of getting to your door! After you review this video we would love to talk about how you can get started turning your beloved pet into a work of art!  You can have a portrait of your pet on your wall by calling me (215-275-4521) or visiting my website


If you would like to talk face to face visit the Event Schedule page from 9AM-12PM, 2PM-3PM, 4PM-6PM on Thursday July 9th - Sunday July 12th so we can talk via Zoom.  If you're unable to talk on Zoom please feel free to call me from 9AM - 6PM Thursday July 9th - Sunday July 12th.

And here is the finished product that I was working on in the previous video! Thanks for watching!

Here are the styles of hand woven clothing I create. I weave and dye the fabric and the tailor it into these styles. All my current pieces can be viewed on my website. Also there are more videos which detail the weaving process, dyeing, and sewing on my Facebook page. Thank you for having a look!

Cows are among my favorite models for whimsical drawings. The comic possibilities with them are endless.

A journey to the beach and back to the mountains through mixed media art. Creative recycled broken glass and pallets are used in art for the home. Check our website ( often for new designs.

In this video, I show one surface decoration technique I use on my porcelain pots. See more work at

AzarÉl Greetings is a small, creative photography LLC that specializes in photographing birds. The birds land on vintage objects and have their photo taken. People often tell us that they’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s not a Photoshop trick. The birds get food; I get photos. Every-birdy’s happy!

 Hi!, I'm Suzy, and I love to Laugh my Glass Off! I began working in stained glass nearly 20 years ago, before purchasing my first kiln and transitioning to fused glass, occasionally combining the two. I find this medium to be a perfect intersection of the art of color and shape, with the science of the kiln. My work features functional pieces as well as decorative. I am in constant pursuit of balance in life and am thrilled to stumble upon it occasionally in my art when the decorative serves a purpose. I recently upgraded to a larger kiln and am filling it nightly. You will find my work on Etsy or at craft shows. I also take custom orders. I am living and Laughing my Glass Off  in State College, PA, where I draw inspiration from my two teen-aged daughters and two cats.

This video tells you about some of our photography to give you an idea of what is available from our website!

This video shows some of my more popular images from Italy, Ireland, and North American National Parks. You can see my complete portfolio and purchase prints or canvases from my website:

I enjoy leading photography workshops and sightseeing tours of Italy and Ireland; more information can be found on my website: