Small magnetic sculptures, prints, cards, stickers, t-shirts

Our work is inspired by and collaborated with our children. We use their drawings and ideas of whimsical worlds to create fun 2-D and 3-D work to be worn as T-shirts, given as greeting cards, enjoyed on a wall, or as a magnetic sculpture. As homeschooling parents, we believe that what we do should be as a family and learning comes in working together.

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Mixed Media

Embark on a visual, nautical journey through sand and sea. This breathtaking artwork is enabled by rich mediums of crushed glass with resin and many different fluid acrylic techniques on canvas and recycled pallet wood. We also enter the forest with three dimensional trees made from aluminum wire and crushed glass, on a wide variety of deciduous and coniferous wood slices.

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Phone: 610-730-6640


Unique Folded Book Art

My creative book art will bring a smile to anyone’s face and make a unique decoration in any room! I can make many different logos, symbols, and pictures pop in any hardcover book! All books are found at used book sales, thrift stores, etc. so all products are UPCYCLED art. We will work together to create a one-of -a-kind piece that anyone will love.  Order between July 9th - 12th to receive 20% off any order!!

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